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30November 2010

60th Birthday Celebration

Just a little over 1 week ago we celebrated our Mom’s (Joy’s Mom/my Stepmom) 60th Birthday by throwing a massive party in her honor.  Now ‘massive’ may seem a bit dramatic but when you do ALL of the planning, purchasing, prepping, decorating, cooking and cleaning for ~90 people with no ‘hired’ help it feels nothing short […]

5November 2010

Cupcake Project 4.0

What is Cupcake Project 4.0?  Cupcakes and warm fuzzy feelings knowing that you donated to a good cause…oh and did I mention the chance to win a FREE Cupcake Tower???  Check out Cupcake Project 4.0 on   Stef is currently raising money to be donated to FilterPure, an incredible organization that brings desperately needed clean […]