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25April 2011

Easter – The Cupcake Tower Style

Wondering what the Cupcake Tower girls were up to for Easter yesterday? We celebrated a couple of ‘1st’ Easter’s: We couldn’t WAIT to get out the door for the Easter egg hunt: We hunted like pros: We witnessed one sugar coma after another (note the glazed over look in their eyes): and The Cupcake Tower […]

13April 2011

Cupcake Flower Centerpiece

Looking for new ideas to top your Cupcake Tower off with?  Check this out from How Does She: So. Pretty. Not a ‘smash cake’ type of Bride?  Looking for something to help tie together your Garden Party theme?  Want a unique photo for your 1 year old’s birthday party?  I can think of so many ways […]

7April 2011

The Cupcake Tower featured in a Seaside Wedding Photo Shoot

Recently I’ve been dreaming of the beach, or more specifically me on it…sleeping peacefully. Sigh, digressing so soon in the post – FOCUS Jennifer!  Anyway, I remembered one of our customers Autumn Poulin of flour! (flowers and sweets) sent us this link to the seaside photo shoot challenge she won (along with Julie Rancourt, also of flour! and […]