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20May 2011

A new ‘perspective’ of The Cupcake Tower

Let me start by saying – WE LOVE YOUR PHOTOS.  Keep them coming here on our Facebook page.  It’s such a thrill for us to see the hundreds of ways in which you all creatively set up your Towers.  Between your photos and our own parties you would think we’ve ‘seen it all’ but every […]

5May 2011

The Cupcake Tower Announces…Cake Pop Towers!!!

Well, okay we announced them several times yesterday but today we want to share a bit more of our photo shoot with you so you can drool ‘Ooo and Aaaa’ over our new product. And here she is in all of her Cake Pop glory with Monster Pops: Here’s a little ‘behind the scenes’ shot: […]

4May 2011

‘Little Monster’ 1st Birthday Party

Welcome to Jack’s first birthday…and (drumroll please) our new product in action! When thinking about how we’ve watched Jack’s personality emerge over the past year I couldn’t help but remember how one of the first ways he used to communicate with us was to growl. Hence, ‘Our Little Monster’ – done!  And the decorating madness ensues… […]

2May 2011

and the winners are….

Drumroll please… Let me start off by saying you guys did NOT make this easy, we agonized over which submissions to choose as the winners!  We each had our reasons for our favorites (and fought hard for them) but at the end of the day we agreed, Renee Daly of ‘The Cake Fairy‘, Teresa Da Ponte […]