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30March 2012

Cupcake Tower Worthy – Cupcake Cookies!

These may look like cupcakes But they are actually ‘ingeniously’ stacked cookies by ‘The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle‘ Utterly and completely Cupcake Tower worthy. To see all of her attempts in this “experiment gone right” click here.

21March 2012

How about a Macaroon Tower?

We all know how pretty macaron’s are when displayed on The Cupcake Tower, but how about some macaroon’s? What’s the difference besides one little ‘o’?  Perhaps they aren’t traditionally as ‘pretty’ or ‘quaint’ but I happen to think they are lovely in their own little way Particularly when you put them in mini cupcake liners […]

16March 2012

Cupcake Tower Worthy – Cupcake in a Jar

These days you pretty much can’t go wrong with a mason jar display of any sort at your event.  But put a cupcake in a jar and on your Tower and that’s just perfection! I found these particular photos on a Style Me Pretty Wedding post (worth a look at the whole wedding, it’s beautiful!) and it […]

13March 2012

For American Girl doll fans

Tiffany (Kent.) created this lovely American Girl Cupcake Tower for her friend’s daughter. She made the cake on the top tier in the shape of an American Girl shopping bag.  The cupcakes (chocolate and butter flavors) were frosted in a color scheme inspired by McKenna, the 2012 Girl of the Year. Check out more of […]

9March 2012

Cupcake Tower Worthy – Macaron Cupcake Toppers

French Macarons: so pretty, so petite.  The question is, what is the best way to display them? Why, on top of a cupcake of course! Have you SEEN anything more delightful?  Icing Designs has done it again and even included the recipe for you here.  This creation is most definitely Cupcake Tower Worthy.

8March 2012

Have your cake…

Let’s just address the nasty rumor… I recently saw a piece on the Today Show where the ‘guest expert’ informed America that ‘cupcakes are out’ and ‘layered cakes are in’.  Here’s what I have to say about that: “Have your cake and eat your cupcakes too!” Why choose?  It’s truly ridiculous to imply that cupcakes […]

5March 2012

Our ‘Special Guest Star’ and some Lovely Lace Cupcake Wrappers

The Cupcake Tower would like to introduce you to our newest team member. Meet Janna: She’s an uber-creative Mom raising three adorable children and blogging about that experience here on her blog titled ‘Mustard Seeds’. Janna will be posting on The Cupcake Tower blog specifically to feature your photo submissions.  We love your work and […]

2March 2012

The Cupcake Tower wishes Dr. Suess Happy Birthday!

In honor of Dr. Suess’ Birthday, today’s ‘Cupcake Tower Worthy’ post is featuring these adorable cupcakes by one of our customers Kysa Crusco. Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cupcakes topped with Cotton Candy: So cute!  Kysa’s advice for success on these is out the cotton candy on at the last minute so it doesn’t melt. […]