The Cupcake Tower throws a bridal shower – with donuts!

January 4th, 2012

You know the story.

Boy meets girl.  Boy and girl play Wii until the ‘wee’ hours of the morning.  Boy and girl fall in love and voila!  A wedding ensues. Okay there’s a few more parts to the story…such as the part that the ‘boy’ is our cousin Devin and the girl was our dear friend Diena who I have known since we were in Brownies together! It never occurred to me to set these two up but that’s why I’m in The Cupcake Tower business and NOT the business of matchmaking, because these two…were truly meant to be.

They both agreed that they wanted to avoid extravagance and keep it homemade yet beautiful.  Enter Joy and Jennifer, event planners extraordinaire (or just gluttons :).  We now had a shower and a wedding reception to plan so where to head for inspiration? Pinterest of course! I’ll take any excuse to get lost on that site…can you relate?

We knew that there would be cupcakes at the wedding so I decided on a ‘Mini Donut Tower’ to compliment the brunch theme.


I served cucumber water, mini yogurt parfaits (sure getting our moneys worth for these shot glasses, see them in action here and here) and although they were not as aesthetically pleasing as I hoped the watermelon (cut into hearts) drizzled with balsamic reduction and topped with red onion and feta were DELISH.

I also served egg ‘muffins’, crockpot pumpkin spice latte’ and my new favorite indulgence, bacon wrapped sweet potato bites.  Nothin wrong with that.

Super Martha (aka Joy) canned these beautiful Peach Butters for gifts.  I kept the decorations fairly simple, with babies breath, burlap and pearls accented by our shocking pink ribbon.


We had such a great time celebrating our beautiful friend.  Here she is below with the ultimate ‘hot pink’ gift card…isn’t she the cutest?

Stay tuned for the wedding post…

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