‘Bunny Butt’ Cupcake Tower

April 3rd, 2012

Are you ready for Easter??  This past weekend my husbands family threw an early Easter celebration for those of us who won’t all be together on the actual day.  It was the perfect excuse for me to try out these ridiculously adorable ‘bunny butt’ cupcakes:

Can ya stand it?

My daughter LOVES these cupcakes not because of how cute they are but because normally I don’t let her use the word ‘butt’.  Let’s just say she called these babies by name all. day. long.

We even made two different ‘breeds’.

Furry butt:

and smooth butt:

I was initially inspired by this cake (from Betty Crocker) seen ‘pinned’ all over Pinterest

Of course I wanted to do a cupcake version so I kept hunting and found exactly what I was looking for in this post on ‘Created by Diane’.  She is much more appropriate than me and calls them ‘Cotton Tail Cupcakes’

You can see how we made them here. And to purchase your own Tower to display them on click here.


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