21March 2011

New Book Love – ‘What’s New, Cupcake?’

Have you seen this? This is the latest masterpiece (of cuteness) by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson (creators of Hello, Cupcake!).  I couldn’t resist picking this up the other day.  With spring around the corner I just might have to find an excuse to make these: They’re so beautiful they practically leap off the page!  I think these […]

22October 2009

Our First Cupcake Tower Review!

Wow, wow, wow!!! We just saw our first online review for The Cupcake Tower… and it’s a good one!!! This must be what it feels like when you are a movie star and you open Variety to read the reviews… 🙂 SO EXCITING!!! Before placing my order, e-mailed with questions – received replies to my […]