Get Cupcake-Inspired for Superbowl XLVI

February 2nd, 2012

Ready for Superbowl XLVI? Get inspired from these football-themed cupcake displays.

Nicole Benfield (North Carolina) created this display for the local TV station’s tailgate party for the Carolina Panthers.

“The cake was carved into a football shape and then iced in a yummy chocolate buttercream,” Nicole describes. “It was filled with a peanut butter cream, which goes beautifully with chocolate cake. The Panthers logo was cut out of fondant and placed on top of the football along with fondant stars and streamers. The cupcakes were chocolate with a vanilla buttercream swirl in the Carolina Panther Blue.”

Nicole is the mother of three young children who works full time at an elementary school.  She loves making cakes and cupcakes so much that she opened her own side business, Specialty Cakes.

Joanna Walling (Florida) used her Cupcake Tower to display the groom’s cake at her wedding last year. Her husband, Chad, is  a big Indianapolis Colts fan and loved the  football-themed diplay. Joanna, who is a senior event management major at Rosen College, says the Cupcake Tower “is the steadiest server I have used and it is easy to clean.”

Lora Brewster (Washington) baked these football cupcakes in honor of a  first birthday. She created chocolate candy footballs, using a candy mold, and displayed the balls in buttercream “grass.”

Lora is a stay-at-home mom of three boys and considers herself a hobby baker, although she hopes to start her own business some day. “Baking has always been a passion of mine but I have honed in on the art seriously for the past five years,” she says. “For now, I get to practice on my friends and family members. I am also a volunteer baker for the Spokane chapter of Free Cakes for Kids, which provides free birthday cakes for underprivileged children.”

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