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Welcome to The Cupcake Tower™ Store. A beautiful presentation, our stands are handcrafted and custom-designed with you and your event in mind.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you’ll ‘heart’ your Cupcake Tower™:

  • Let’s face it, cupcakes can be messy. Thankfully, your tower has a thin laminate coating similar to a countertop so that it wipes clean easily.
  • Your tower is handcrafted from durable, sustainable materials (specifically mdf) so it can be used for all your future celebrations.
  • Folds flat for easy storage.
  • Our ribbon detail is custom matched to your event. Because no glue or adhesive is used, your ribbon can be easily removed and replaced with other colors and patterns for different occasions.
  • We’re FAST!!
  • Good Karma – 10% of all proceeds go to charity.

Birthdays, Weddings, Holidays, Celebrations, Baby and Bridal Showers – the Cupcake Tower™ is perfect for every special occasion!

Round Cupcake Towers

Round Cupcake Towers

Our original round cupcake towers offer the largest capacity for your events — holding anywhere from 32 - 208 standard-sized cupcakes. Choose your size below to get started!

Square Cupcake Towers

Square Cupcake Towers

Our square cupcake towers offer a stylish alternative for your events — holding anywhere from 25 - 138 standard-sized cupcakes. Choose your size below to get started!

Round Cake Pop Towers

Cake Pop Towers

Our reversible round cupcake towers have holes drilled on one side offering the ability to use your stand to display cake pops! Flip them over and they work just like our traditional stands. These versatile stands hold up to 216 cake pops or 208 standard-sized cupcakes. Choose your size below to get started!

Cupcake Tower Carrying Bag

Carrying Bag

ALL NEW! Our brand-new carrying bag is the perfect complement for your cupcake tower! The bag can hold whichever size tower you own, even the all-in-one bundle!

Give your tower the home it deserves »

Cupcake Tower Ribbons

Ribbon Packs

We now sell extra ribbon packs for your cupcake towers! Ribbon packs are a great way to customize the look of your tower to match every event you use it for.

Check out all of our ribbon packs »

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