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1April 2014

“Be Sweet” Cake Pops and The Cake Pop Tower

Looking for a creative way to let people know the flavors of your cake pops?  Check out how Mindy from “Be Sweet” Cake Pops identified hers with colored ribbons for this wedding set up.   Simply tie different colored ribbons for each flavor around the cake pop sticks and create a coordinating sign just as […]

23January 2013

The Cupcake Tower Giveaway – don’t miss this!

So, are you one of the millions (myself included) addicted to Pinterest?  If so this contest will be a CINCH for you.  If not, go sign up right now and come back to us.  Trust me, it’s worth it. To this day we still hear customers tell us that they’ve been searching for a product […]

28August 2012

The Cupcake Tower goes to Maui

I wish that read ‘The Cupcake Tower sisters go to Hawaii’ but no, just the Tower.  Maybe next time 🙂 Recently, I received an email from customer Elizabeth Walker of Cake Pops by Liz filled with pictures of her Cake Pop Tower in action. I love getting pictures from our customers – love!  It doesn’t get […]

29November 2011

What has The Cupcake Tower been up to?

Well hello there strangers!  Please pardon the ‘pregnant pause’ in my blogging (pun very much intended) but growing baby #3 has kicked me in the ever growing derriere.  There, I said it. Now, would you like to know what these sisters have been up to lately?  Well, nothing short of one of the most exciting […]

4May 2011

‘Little Monster’ 1st Birthday Party

Welcome to Jack’s first birthday…and (drumroll please) our new product in action! When thinking about how we’ve watched Jack’s personality emerge over the past year I couldn’t help but remember how one of the first ways he used to communicate with us was to growl. Hence, ‘Our Little Monster’ – done!  And the decorating madness ensues… […]